Dance Spectrum classes are still open for enrollment.To receive our fall class schedule or registration information, please email hello@spectrumdancemn.com or go to “CLASSES”

School Front

DANCE SPECTRUM – 975-C Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105 (651) 224-8951 hello@spectrumdancemn.com

Contact our office via email hello@spectrumdancemn.com or phone 651-224-8951 for more information regarding fall dance enrollment and registration.




* Please do not have dancers attend class who are showing signs of illness.
* Inform teacher if child is on medication that might affect performance or balance.
* Injured limbs should be rested, but if possible, dancers are to observe class to stay current.
Please report all absences and reason for absence by calling or emailing our office.

* Call the studio one-hour prior to your class time for information regarding classes in severe weather. Refer to radio/TV announcements during severe weather.
* When St. Paul Schools close or dismiss early due to severe weather, Dance Spectrum usually cancels Youth and young Teen classes. Storms affecting afternoon and evening driving may also force cancellation of classes.

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